Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crochet Embellishments for Sandie

Top stitching, flowers, embroidery, etc... How do you embelish your crocheted items? We'd like to hear!

Here's one item I embellished a little.

Also, there are so many links to so many FREE crocheted flower patterns out there. I got this one this morning. Of course, you'll have to sign up with Lionbrand's website to see the pattern.

Leisure Arts website has a nice free flower pattern, too.

Let us know how you like to embellish your crocheted items! This will be fun!!!

Unscrupulous Robbery of Another's Effort & Hard Work

On a very serious note... because I've witnessed it with my own eyes...

I am shocked, AND I MEAN SHOCKED, at the people out there that will take someone else's printed (electronic or hard copy) design and pattern – copyrighted, make it (crochet it in this case) and call it their own design and pattern! I actually saw a crocheted item in a web shop, created by a very well known designer, that the shop owner claimed was their own... Outrageous!!! You will NOT find that at Runway Crochet. I will give the credit to the designer, name of book and pattern title in my description! Wow! I guess these folks don't have a conscience or they have NO SENSE at all! This is NOT okay! This is NEVER okay! Why are people this unscrupulous?!!! This works just like redistribution of someone else's money!!! Ack!!!