Friday, August 21, 2009

Not an afghan! Would he like a Crocheted Quilt? What?!!!

Yes... it's a strange title and it was even more of a strange undertaking for me. It was DEFINITELY a challenge! And I love those but, I'd never made a crocheted quilt. Hadn't a clue how it should be done even if it had ever been done! But I had an idea, so I experimented and developed my own version of a crocheted quilt.

Let me digress for just a minute so I can explain to you just how this "challenge" came about...

A friend of mine at work (she also crochets) gave me SEVERAL big garbage bags full of all kinds of weights, colors and odd balls and skeins of acrylic yarn. I was over joyed to get it! You know... MORE STASH! Heh!

Sorting through it, I recognized some of it as discontinued, like Caron's Dazzle Aire, etc. Almost all of the scrap pieces of yarn was just in huge knotted messes which took me days and hours to untangle but I hate to waste this stuff. It's like gold – getting more expensive all the time! There was not enough balls, skeins and/or scraps of any one kind to make anything of a significant size. So, I knew whatever I decided to make, it was going to be "patch work" or small projects. Now you know where the pin cushion and fridgie material came from. Heh!

BTW, my friend got skads of this yarn from her boyfriend, whose grandmother had to be moved into a nursing home. This was my friend's boyfriend's grandmother's yarn. My friend still kept several huge plastic tubs of this yarn! Please don't think for an instant that she gave it all to me! Oh no!

This grandmother must've had a house like mine - just chock full of stash! But, MORE on MY stash at a later date. Back to the reason for the blog!

I was overwhelmed for a few days with ALL this ODD yarn. There was bags and bags and bags of scraps within bags of odd skeins and half skeins! I want you to understand that this was a bunch of yarn! What on earth was I going to make with all of it... or most of it... or part of it?!!!

Then I thought it would be nice to make something for my friend's boyfriend since this was HIS grandmother's yarn and maybe my friend could contribute to the process and make it that much more meaningful for him. I asked her about it... She thought a scrap afghan would be nice for her boyfriend... (I know I rolled my eyes at that moment. I had made so many afghans, so many scrap afghans... BORING and certainly not enough of a "Challenge!" Then I suggested a "Crocheted Quilt"... wondering why I opened my mouth and said that when I had no idea at that moment how I would do that!!! LOL! Open mouth and insert foot! But, then the good Lord often takes the ridiculous and hideous and turns it into something marvelous!

Starting with the smallest parts... I first made some tiny squares but I wanted a unique way of putting them together. I wanted some dimension! So experimenting... I ended up joining four tiny squares in just one corner, joining only two at a time and overlapping the pairs into the four, then connecting the four with joining trim. The four tiny squares complete one small square which is turned into nine small squares which make a block (whip stitched together). The finished piece ended up being nine blocks long by seven blocks wide. But I said "quilt"... right?! Each block of squares has a fully crocheted one-piece back which is a big solid granny square in either soft white or black. My friend helped make the backs of the blocks. There's a light side and a dark side to this quilt! Each block was attached to the rest, then finished off with a big fat crocheted yoyo in every corner (either black or soft white)!

This thing is sooo heavy, too and it's just yarn! But, it's heavy like one of MY grandmother's old-fashioned quilts made with cotton batting instead of synthetic polyfiberfil. I love her quilts! In the winter, when I was little and she'd put me to bed, I could barely move under them but, I was so warm. =) I still have and use all the quilts she gave me. =) Sorry! I digress again!

Whew! I thought I'd never get this piece finished once I started it but, I met the challenge! =) My friend said her boyfriend loved it and he took it to show his grandmother what had been done with her left over yarn. I thought that was kind of neat! I hope she was pleased!

My friend says her boyfriend keeps the quilt on his bed. That's a good place for it! LOL! Better than keeping it on a conference table where I spread it out to get pictures of it.

Projects like this one, I do NOT repeat. They end up being real one-of-a-kinds for me. ROFLOL! Can you blame me?!!!

More photos at this link.