Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Always a Balancing Act!

Learning to balance life... how do some people do it so well?  All I can figure is... they have to be so very well organized and compartmentalized! Otherwise, something we're expected to do well - suffers!

Some of you already know and some don't, but my sort of organized house was turned upside down when I had to replace my heat pump in January. The workmen tore out stuff in every closet and cabinet looking for a place to install a new air return. To make matters worse and to try to save a little money in this nasty, blood sucking economy, I dropped my home phone with a large corporate carrier and signed up with Vonage... here was another mess caused by more workmen who had to come and rewire a my phone lines so the rest of the phones in the house would work with my Vonage box. WHAT A MESS!!!

To be totally truthful, my entire house was a "craft room" before that! With yarn, pattern books and other craft supplies strewn through every room in my little house! Also, UFO's (unfinished objects) EVERYWHERE! Ahh, but I could still find things prior to all the workmen tromping through my house like a herd of bulls in a china shop! Right now, to say the very least... my house is pretty much an obstacle course, requiring some fancy maneuvers to get through some of it!

I still have a full-time job, by God's good grace, so reorganizing and restoring order during the week is almost impossible! Doing the "what has to be done" chores are all I can manage Monday through Friday. My Lil' Bits (horse's name) has to be fed and watered twice a day.  There's the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry, too! Now, it's spring time and yards have to be mowed and shrubs have to be trimmed! Then... there's the "online life" of Etsy, Twitter, Facebook and blogs to keep up with! I want to know... IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE WHO CAN DO ALL THESE THINGS WELL - ALL THE TIME? LOL!

Not complaining! I count my blessings every day! I still have a job, a house, a horse and a place to keep her. I'm still able to feed her and and physically able to do the yard work, myself. My 100,000 mile plus vehicles are still running and... I can some how, with God's help, pay my bills and make ends meet.

To make a long story very short... after a nasty divorce several years ago, I fought and struggled very hard to keep my little place in the country and to keep up with the things that must be done as the owner and still do. I love my little place - it is my sanctuary! I believe I'd just shrivel up and die if I had to move back into a suberb housing development or worse - an apartment!

So, if you can read between the lines, you already know that I have to spend my weekends restoring order, reorganizing, cleaning my house, in addition to yard work, and... try to keep up with my "online life!" My crocheting is what's suffering right now. There's simply NO time for it! It's going to be that way until I can put this house back in order. The good news is... I will have a "craft room" when it's done! The bad news is - it will be the last room to be finished. Maybe by then, I can do a better job of this balancing act!

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