Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Always a Balancing Act!

Learning to balance life... how do some people do it so well?  All I can figure is... they have to be so very well organized and compartmentalized! Otherwise, something we're expected to do well - suffers!

Some of you already know and some don't, but my sort of organized house was turned upside down when I had to replace my heat pump in January. The workmen tore out stuff in every closet and cabinet looking for a place to install a new air return. To make matters worse and to try to save a little money in this nasty, blood sucking economy, I dropped my home phone with a large corporate carrier and signed up with Vonage... here was another mess caused by more workmen who had to come and rewire a my phone lines so the rest of the phones in the house would work with my Vonage box. WHAT A MESS!!!

To be totally truthful, my entire house was a "craft room" before that! With yarn, pattern books and other craft supplies strewn through every room in my little house! Also, UFO's (unfinished objects) EVERYWHERE! Ahh, but I could still find things prior to all the workmen tromping through my house like a herd of bulls in a china shop! Right now, to say the very least... my house is pretty much an obstacle course, requiring some fancy maneuvers to get through some of it!

I still have a full-time job, by God's good grace, so reorganizing and restoring order during the week is almost impossible! Doing the "what has to be done" chores are all I can manage Monday through Friday. My Lil' Bits (horse's name) has to be fed and watered twice a day.  There's the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry, too! Now, it's spring time and yards have to be mowed and shrubs have to be trimmed! Then... there's the "online life" of Etsy, Twitter, Facebook and blogs to keep up with! I want to know... IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE WHO CAN DO ALL THESE THINGS WELL - ALL THE TIME? LOL!

Not complaining! I count my blessings every day! I still have a job, a house, a horse and a place to keep her. I'm still able to feed her and and physically able to do the yard work, myself. My 100,000 mile plus vehicles are still running and... I can some how, with God's help, pay my bills and make ends meet.

To make a long story very short... after a nasty divorce several years ago, I fought and struggled very hard to keep my little place in the country and to keep up with the things that must be done as the owner and still do. I love my little place - it is my sanctuary! I believe I'd just shrivel up and die if I had to move back into a suberb housing development or worse - an apartment!

So, if you can read between the lines, you already know that I have to spend my weekends restoring order, reorganizing, cleaning my house, in addition to yard work, and... try to keep up with my "online life!" My crocheting is what's suffering right now. There's simply NO time for it! It's going to be that way until I can put this house back in order. The good news is... I will have a "craft room" when it's done! The bad news is - it will be the last room to be finished. Maybe by then, I can do a better job of this balancing act!

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you poor thing - i completely understand and wonder the same things - how do ppl do it so well. But what we dont see is complaints (much) or the behind the scenes moments. Many don't have kids or don't work full time or don't run a business (we run a full remodeling and handyman biz). Some ppl may have illnesses or disabilities that restrict what they can do. I just don't even know how it is done.
What i do know is pacing or letting go of some things is a God send. I make a schedule when i can when eating breakfast or when kids get home from school and we talk then i get them to do homework or color and i jot down my TO DO list. Then I rewrite what has to get done and only allow myself a limited time or i can do it forever especially link love or twitter and listing on Etsy. That will help A LOT. Also when i had my office/studio redone. I created a bag or box with 2-3 upcoming projects and i would bring it on the kitchen table - a bit of a pain but i can watch 4 yr old and do my "pretties" as he calls them at the same time without waiting for my room - which partially i had to do as well.
It is all a balancing act I agree but what makes it balance is the unbalanced times you feel and eventually you'll write about how you did it :)
Enjoy your day-thanks for the blog - it makes me feel like i am not going insane or am not alone - THANK YOU

Buy Design said...

Shall I tell you a story? I'll give you the edited version or I would be typing all day.
A college professor is giving a talk about the meaning of life and arrives in the class with a large bell jar, bag of golf balls, bag of pebbles, bag of sand and two beers.
First he fills the jar with golf balls and asks the class if it is full and they all agree that it is.
He then takes some pebbles and by shaking the jar a bit he is able to add some pebbles to the already full jar. Again he asks if the jar is full and the class says it definately is.
Next he proceeds to add sand to the jar and the class are amazed at how much can still fit into the jar.
He then explains that the jar is a life. The golf balls are friends, family,faith,loved ones.
The pebbles are work,the money you need to earn to keep the roof over your head, the laundry, food shopping etc.
And lastly the sand is stuff like traffic jams, queuing up at the check out, the little things ..
The point is that if you get the balance right you can fit it all in your jar, but if you fill your jar with sand and pebbles there is no room for your golf balls.
A few years ago, after living near London and living a really busy, hectic lifestyle we decided to pack up our golf balls and move to rural Scotland. Best thing we ever did.
Oh just remembered the bottles of beer.
One of the students asked what they were for and the professor proceeded to pour both beers into the full jar, and they fitted perfectly. So, he said, no matter how full your life is there is always room for a couple of beers.
I'm a tea drinker myself but the same applies.

Eileen said...

I have to say Vickey, that you are amazing and I know how much trouble I have with having lids constantly and mounds of house work, yard stuff, flower beds, and a grown family still at home that won't participate in regular house work and chores, I do dishes all of the time, I cry alot, and I pray for more time for me, but honestly, I have to do all that I do or I have no income, and that is minimal, so I fall apart alot and get overwhelmed, I could not do all that you do on FB for everyone, I do the best that I can. I don't think I can ever balance no matter how hard I try. I just keep praying for the day when I don't have kids all day and I can do the things that I love and make a living at it. You are doing great and I am sure that things will get organized for you and you'll get back to your thing too, thanks for sharing!

DeeCee said...

Vickey, if anyone can pull it all together, YOU CAN. And you will do it one box at a time.
I have 2 monster dogs in place of your horse. Also a hubby that takes care of the yard work, but my house still looks like it was decorated by the manager of an early Salvation Army Store. I have a craft room with "run overs' in the spare bedroom closet, hall closet, bathroom closet, under all the beds, and a tote by my livingroom chair. And there has not been a bunch of handymen or a four year old here to help me mess thing up. I can do that all by myself.
After reading the comments of the others, I have decided that I am not so lucky after all. I have time to make my jewelry, time to clean house, time to play with the dogs, and time to go to Duncan Donuts with hubby at least once a week. There is also time to take care of most of the on line life. But I love to procrastinate, or all would be done all the time.
The big missing link in our lives are the kids. Guess I am a true sucker for punishment, because I would give up a LOT to have a four year old hanging around again. I truely miss the "Mama (or Nana) can I help you with your "stuff" and the "Nana, Up just ate a rock" (At 3 my granddaugher didn't say Phillip) and "Mom, Nate just peed on the plastic plant again."
Yep, God has blessed us all with our different styles of life and given us the strength to handle all of it. I'm just waiting for Him to bless me with a great-grandchild living close enough to want to pee on my plastic plant.
Hugs to you, Vickey and the rest of my Link Love Family.

Krafty Max Originals said...

Thank you so very much for sharing your trials and life with us. I love reading about how your TO DO LIST looks just like mine!!! I am awarding you with a special blog award for all of your hard work! Please check it out at and enjoy!!! ~KM

Jessica Guthrie said...

Happy Tuesday! I want to let you know that
I am Honoring you with the Sunshine Award! You deserve some sunshine and for the awesomeness of Link Love! You can head over anytime and Grab It! Enjoy your Week!

UniqueDesignsbyMsP said...

Hi there,
I am a new follower and I must say that after reading this post, I feel like we are sisters somehow. I totally identify with every comment, right down to the "whole house craft room". My horse is a pound rescue puppy that adopted me and now weight a little over 100 pounds and instead of a divorce for me it was remarrying after 30years of singleness. But it all boils down to "live exploding" and trying to find some balance. One of the reasons I came to your blog was that one of my FB fan pages (Tomboy Paula) has had a huge influx of fans who credit you with their sending. After reading the blog and finding out the kayos you have been dealing with, I have to say "thank you" and also that you are a shining example of generosity. We could all learn from your example.

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Have a fantabulous week!!! =)

Shairbearg said...

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The Pendant Studio said...

The Good News is if the Craft room is last then you will have time to make it a perfect place for you to spend the free tiem you will have when everything else is done.

Krafty Max Originals said...

Thank you for being such a wonderful blogger. I received this award from a blogger who thought I was doing a good job, and now I am passing it on to you. Please read about it and pass it along to those who you think are wonderful too! ~KM